Hoo kadar pyaar💖 diiii karda ni❌Sab wyapari🧑‍🍼itha choti💯da How to get bands in ielts

How to get bands in ielts

How to get bands in Ielts is the most common question among students that how they get bands from ielts in order to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

  • First of all we will talk about how to get bands in ielts for  those people who take exams but not able to score minimum bands required for their desired country.

Main reasons for not qualifying:

  1. Not have a english background.
  2. Not proper english skills.
But this issues can easy resolve by coatching in good institutes and i am sure that you already did that and even after that you are not able to qualifie that only mean is you lack of confident or you stopped hopping that you may be able to study abroad . lack of confidence is the biggest factor that lead to low score in tests. 

In order to overcome this issue you have to commit yourself that this is the only chance to fulfill your deams and do studies with full dedication . Its not the life time matter you just have to study for 45 days for good band score and i know 45 days are nothing for dreams like studying abroad and being called as NRI .

Secondly, there are many students who are sitting in homes and thinking that not today we will go for coatching 1 week later or next day and the next day . I want to tell you that this gonna make you lazy somuch that very soon you gonna forget your dream . so before your dreams die get up and join ielts coatching centre now.

What is Ielts?

Those readers who are studing in 10-12 standards and came here just because their family members are studying abroad and you also wanted to go there i will tell you what is ielts .

IELTS is basically english proficiency test where you have to deal with 4 different modules . IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and this is the most essencial part of you dream of studing abroad.

You must have to deal with 4 different kinds of modules here :

  • Speaking
  • Writting
  • Listening
  • Reading
  1. Speaking : In speaking module you have to talk to your interviewer face to face in english . In the test you are prohibited to use any other language . if you do so you must be disqualifies from the test .
  2. Writting : In writting module you must be given with two Tasks and you have to write on the tasks given to you by using wide range of vocabulary for batter score.
  3. Listening: In listening test you must be provided with headphones and you have to listen the conversation of people and write details asked in the paper about what they are talking and you can here the recording only once.
  4. Reading: In reading you must be provided with the reading passage and you have to go through all the passages and answer the questions asked below the passages.

Which module is most difficult in Ielts:

Many peoples claims that Reading is the most difficult ielts module while others belived that writing  is more tough. There are many others who shy to talk with peoples face to face and definately for them speaking is more dangerous.And on concluding we can say that all modules are same because it totally depends on you what type of person you are but the one module all people claims that its easy is Listening . so i don't know what is the most difficult module is but the most easy one is Listening . if you are disagree comment below .

How long beginners take coatching to score good in Ielts :

Firstly, i don't think ielts is difficult to do but if you not feel so and yyou are beginner too then you must take at least 2 months of coatching before filling for ielts exam . Filling ielts exam cost you more than 15000 rupees and i know that is not a less amount from any face . That's why you must get fully prepared before investing you money in test. 

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Talk to you parents as much as you can only in english . If your parents don't know about English speaking they you just let them say any thing you answer them in English  this will increase you confidence for speaking test.
  2. You must practice all the modules daily basis for 2 months beginner and 45 days for those who had some English bckground .
  3. Talk to yourself when every so see any thing like eating some thing start talking about what you are eating this will increase your vocabulary and give you content for speakinh intro questions.
  4. Record your voice while speakinh so that you know where you have to work and whether you have to need more confidence or not.
  5. Don't be lazy and don't miss any day and regukary go to institute.
  6. Search as much as you can to increase your vocabulary.
  7. Vacabulary help you in writting content as well as in speaking so keep searching.
  8. Read books and try to find answer form paragraps  this will help you in reading because in exam hall you have only 1 hr to complete 3 passages that's why you have to be ready for that.
  9. Don't be in the misunderstanding that if your friend has good performance then you will take help of him in exam hall this is just useless . you will not able to move your head so keep studing.
  10. At last you must make collection of vocabulary for internet and learn 10-12 common words daily at the end of 2 months you have abundan of words ready.
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