Hoo kadar pyaar💖 diiii karda ni❌Sab wyapari🧑‍🍼itha choti💯da How to see Ipl live streaming for free

How to see Ipl live streaming for free

Ipl live streaming for free.

In Many platforms you see  live streaming ipl but to see ipl live streaming for free you have to read this completely.
Ipl full form (Indian premier league ) is the worlds biggest sports event and it played in india and top plays from all over tge world participate in this sport event.

As this sports streamed all over tge world in various ott platforms like hotstar with their premium subscriptions but as we know we indian wanted free like more than purchaseable one  that's why you are here reading this.

Don't worry I have a free platform for you where you can watch live cricket for free at no cost .

For that you have to go to your web browser and search pikashow you may click here also but read completely to know what to do next .

  1. When you enter pikashow website you have to slide below and where you see this portion stop there.
  • Now click on Download apk and this will redirect you to the page below and here you have to wait for 5 sec then you willl see again download button and now you click and download the apk.

  • After installing you open the apk and give all the required permission and then you see below.

  • Click liveTv then you see there is 4 options and you have to click on any op the for ipl options and congratulations after 14 sec of ad you are ready to watch ipl live for free .

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